While it is likely you will have heard the word, the answer to Wordle #245 might leave you scratching your head.

If your first guess isn’t as revealing as you would hope this may prove to be a difficult puzzle. To help you out with the latest word of the day for the popular game, Newsweek has prepared a guide with tips and hints for February 19.

We all have our own strategies and techniques when attacking these brainteasers but the tricky nature of today’s word could leave you worried you are about to break your current streak.

To avoid disappointment, it is best to be adaptable and consider new strategies. For instance, trying to find the right vowels may prove less beneficial for a consonant-heavy word like “Fuzzy.”

The game’s own developer Josh Wardle likes to spend his first few tries eliminating as much of the alphabet as he can.

Whatever your game plan, now and again we could all do with a hint. Check out below for some tips that can help you solve the February 19 puzzle.

Wordle #245 Tips for February 19

The word of the day for February 19 will be revealed at the end of this article. Here are some clues that might help you along the way to working it out on your own.

  • Hint #1: You might want to use “Slime” as a starting word, as that will reveal two green tiles and one yellow tile.
  • Hint #2: Wordle #245 has one vowel which is the third letter. It also has a double “L” in it.
  • Hint #3: The answer starts with a consonant blend, which is where two letters combine but they each make their own sound. Such examples are “SL”, “ST”, “FL”, “SK”, “SW”, “GR”.
  • Hint #4: Synonyms for Wordle #245 include “Rinse,” “Drain” and “Guzzle.”
  • Hint #5: It also rhymes with “Kill,” “Bill,” “Krill” and “Thrill.”
  • Hint #6: Merriam-Webster defines Wordle #245 as a transitive verb with multiple definitions. To drink great drafts of [something]. It also defines it as a food to feed animals such as a pig.

Wordle #245 Answer for February 19

The answer to Wordle #245 is “Swill.” If you used our suggested starting word “Slime” then you hopefully didn’t need too many attempts to figure it out.

The next Wordle puzzle will be available at 7 p.m. ET, when the daily update occurs. While you wait for that refresh, you might want to try the geography guessing game Worldle or some of these alternative word puzzles instead.

The image shows the answer to “Wordle” #245. The word of the day is “Swill.”