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Loose Women presenter Charlene White has hit back at critics on Twitter who blasted her for questioning diversity issues after England’s Lionesses won the 2022 Euros. The ITV star remained calm and collected in her responses, insisting that such questions “needed to be asked”. 

Charlene, 42, got into a back and forth with a couple of angry ITV News viewers on Twitter, who did not appreciate her discussing the lack of diversity in women’s football after England’s Euros win over Germany at the weekend. 

Yesterday, Martyn Cranfield tweeted: “@itvnews @CharleneWhite Reporting on the magnificent Lionesses Euro win, you debate the lack of black players!!!

“YOU perpetuate the racism issue. It’s about talent – you don’t pick players on proportionality of race, creed, colour etc. Disgraceful. Just stick to news.”

ITV News anchor Charlene then responded to Martyn personally, suggesting that his comments “reinforced” her commitment to asking such questions.

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Charlene was one of several thrilled celebs to share her excitement following the incredible win. 

At the time she tweeted: “It’s emotional maaaaaaaan…. big up all the women who fought hard to get us to this point. 

“What an amazing moment in history #Lionesses.”

She added: “Nah… I’m shedding a tear. This is so big. 

“And when my Florence is finally able to start footy training in a couple months (just days after she turns 3), these are the women she’ll be aspiring to emulate. 

“How wonderful is that #Lionesses #ENG”.

Charlene then revealed she wanted to party alongside the England team, writing: “Yo… where are the Lionesses raving tonight, cos I want in! #Lionesses #ENG”.

Loose Women airs today at 12:30pm on ITV.

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