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Loose Women star Stacey Solomon, 32, admitted just days ago the family were looking into getting a “new friend” for their other dog Peanut, who has been feeling lonely. Stacey was left in tears over Christmas after her dog Theo died in her arms, but she has since come round to the idea of getting another pooch. 

In view of her 4.9 million followers, Stacey revealed her family’s happy news on her Instagram story. 

Posting a picture of her verdant garden, Stacey gave her fans an exciting update on the family’s dog adoption process.

“Good afternoon,” Stacey penned in view of her 4.9 million Instagram followers.

“So we ended up bringing the little doggy home last night,” she continued with a laughing emoji. 

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“We spent last night and today settling him in and getting him all sorted. 

“As soon as I’ve finished the school run madness and fed everyone, I can’t wait for you to meet our newest member of the family…

“Lots and lots of love. Happy Monday,” she concluded with a heart and tearful emoji. 

The post follows an update that Stacey gave to her followers yesterday, where she informed fans that she had been in touch with a woman from the dog rescue centre. 

Posting a photo from her car, she penned: “Been speaking to the incredible lady at the dog rescue all day and now we are off on a little late night adventure to meet a little fur baby who’s being fostered and needs a home and our home & family could be a good match.”

“We are taking Peanut and the little pickles to meet him,” she wrote in reference to her dog and children. 

The day before, the star shared her reasoning behind the decision to adopt a new dog, posting a heartbreaking video of Peanut sitting quietly in Theo’s bed.

“It still makes my heart sink every time I walk in here and look at Theo’s bed,” wrote Stacey. 

“Peanut is either on my lap or sitting in Theo’s bed. He’s better than he was at the beginning, but still not himself. 

“We are looking into adopting a friend for him, but I must admit I feel so guilty about it. I just think about Theo,” she added with a crying emoji. 

“But our vet said Peanut may be a dog that absolutely needs a companion and it could be detrimental to his well-being if he doesn’t have one.”

Stacey continued: “Why does my heart feel like in looking into a friend for Peanut I’m forgetting about Theo. 

“I really want to make Peanut his bouncy happy playful self again and we have room in our hearts and home for another fur baby but I just feel so bad about it. Just wondering if anyone in the same boat felt this way?” she asked her followers. 

“And so curious to know what you did… Love you lots. Thank you in advance,” she signed off.

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