Dog Under Blanket Turns Into ‘Ghost’ After Getting Overexcited About a Walk

A French bulldog has delighted the internet after a video of him getting excited about a walk has gone viral on social media.

TikTok user Dylan (dholtom89) shared the video of Stitch the dog in December, and it now has over 4.6 million views.

In the video, the French bulldog was relaxing underneath a blanket when behind the camera, someone asked: “Does anyone want to go for a walk?”—suddenly the blanket shoots upwards before another voice says: “Stitch. Do you want to go for a walkies?”

Two-year-old Stitch, who has his own Instagram account, leaps up underneath the blanket with excitement as the owners laugh from behind the camera.

With over 640,000 likes, the video has delighted TikTokers. “I think the blanket might want to go for a walk,” wrote one commenter, while another joked that Stitch looked a bit like a ghost under his blanket, writing: “I think that ghost wanted to go for a walk.”

Another user wrote: “I could just imagine his facial expressions!”

In a later comment, user dholtom89 confirmed that Stitch the French bulldog did indeed get to go for a walk. Other viewers noted how they had “known” Stitch’s breed before the reveal.

“I knew it was a French Bulldog even under the blanket, best dogs in the world,” wrote one user. Another commenter wrote: “I knew it was a Frenchie before I even saw him. My Frenchie is always under a blanket and does the exact same thing when you say the ‘W’ word”

But do our canine friends really know what we’re saying? A 2018 study published in​​Frontiers in Neuroscience unraveled how dogs process words. Results suggested that dogs have at least a rudimentary neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, differentiating words that they have heard before and those they have not.

An article by VCA Animal Hospitals explained: “What we say is only part of the equation. How we say it impacts how much a dog comprehends. Dogs use both left and right sides of the brain. They read our body language and listen to our tone. They combine all this data to understand us.”

But this little Frenchie definitely understands what and how his owners are talking to him—the video ends as Stitch the dog runs around the room excitedly.

Meanwhile, other viewers suggested that the video should actually come with a warning: “My dog hasn’t stopped staring at me since this video played,” wrote one user.

This week, another dog instantly regretted his decision to go for a walk.

French bulldog in blanket
File photo of a French bulldog in a blanket. A dog has delighted the internet in a viral video as he is asked if he would like to go on a walk.
Ewelina Thepphaboot/Getty Images

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