Four ways to celebrate Christmas Day if you are forced to self-isolate | Christmas

Ho, ho … oh no. This second Covid Christmas will not be a huge improvement from the first for many in the UK. More than 600,000 people will be forced to self-isolate on Christmas Day after a record 119,789 tested positive for Covid, the highest daily figure since the pandemic began. Officials say the self-isolation figure could rise to 750,000 as the Omicron variant continues to drive a record daily number of new cases.

While not being able to spend Christmas with loved ones will be devastating for most, some people are turning to unique methods to keep the festive spirit alive. Here are four things to look out for if you’re self-isolating over Christmas.

#JoinIn hashtag

Self-isolation at Christmas will probably leave you feeling alone, but you’re far from the only one. You can join the comedian Sarah Millican’s #JoinIn Twitter hashtag on Twitter and speak to others in your position. Now in its 11th year, #JoinIn is a space for people who have not chosen to be alone but find themselves on their own on Christmas Day.

With hundreds of thousands of people unable to see loved ones because of Covid, the chat is likely to be busier than ever.

Order to-go drinks

Instead of drinks at the local pub, those self-isolating can order them for delivery. From pre-made cocktails to special cases of wine, there are boozy options to suit all tastes, so bring the bar home.

Livestream events

There are plenty of livestream events to attend from the comfort of your own home, with extensive listings on Eventbrite and DesignMyNight. Whether it is tuning in for midnight mass at Westminster Abbey, cook-along events, or comedy shows, there is something for everyone.

A decadent feast for one

A small joy of self-isolation is not having to compromise (or share) what you eat on Christmas Day. Whether it’s having an entire pizza to yourself to spending the day cooking a roast with all the trimmings just how you like it, don’t hold back. It is the season to indulge, after all.

There is also no need to limit yourself to grocery delivery slots or takeaway apps. For those feeling creative, it is worth seeing if you can order recipe boxes from one of your local restaurants or specialised companies and make a delicious meal.

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