‘I failed my child’ Sinead O’Connor says son planned his funeral before taking own life | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“That was the CAMHS psychiatrist. Welcome to Ireland. Where weddings are funerals and funerals are weddings. Apparently.

“If I may venture … I’ve been married more times than Zsa Zsa Ga-f***ing-bor and I’m here to tell CAMHS that planning my child’s funeral is nothing remotely similar to planning his wedding. Which will now never happen. Because you’re unfit for purpose.”

In a follow-up tweet in the early hours of Monday morning, the heartbroken mother said she had “failed” her son.

She penned: “FYI please don’t imagine I am less than keenly aware I failed my child, alongside Tusla and the HSE and the Irish State.

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