‘Less likely’ Monty Don issues warning over future of shows after BBC licence fee freeze | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Kirstie added: “The Beeb is a public service and does so much for so many, we should treasure it, not kick it about like an old football.”

However, today’s Good Morning Britain saw guest host Richard Madeley clash with Susanna Reid while debating whether the TV licence fee should be scrapped.

Speaking about living in a “culture of choice”, Richard said: “If I want to watch Netflix, I pay for Netflix and if I want to watch Sky, I’ll have a Sky subscription. Why should I pay for Radio 1? I never listen to it.

“Why should I subsidise Radio 3? I never listen to it. All sorts of BBC services that cost a lot of money that I’m paying for why should I?” he fumed.

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