Liam Gallagher confirmed bizarre trampoline request from hotel room service: ‘It’s true’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The Guardian reported that this nonchalance and down-to-earth attitude is “a big part” of Liam’s magnetism, noting he once said: “I’m an average lad who was born in Burnage who played conkers. Conkers, mate. Conkers. The lot.”

Most recently, the singer hilariously responded to how he felt just before turning 50, frankly noting that he would soon be “Half a hundred”. 

Speaking on Absolute Radio the star admitted that he is “proud” to be turning 50 and has gone out of his way to celebrate this milestone, unlike his other birthdays. 

He shared: “I don’t really celebrate my birthdays that much, I just celebrate every day but this time I’m having a nice long week of celebrations.”

In the week leading up to his big day, the musician claimed he was embarking on a week of sobriety in order to prepare. 

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