New Netflix K-Drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Draws ‘Squid Game’ Parallels

High school drama meets zombie fighting galore in All of Us Are Dead, the new Netflix K-drama series, which premiered on January 28.

The streamer’s first new K-drama release of 2022 showed Squid Game style explosive potential even before its official premiere.

The show’s official full trailer reportedly racked up over 10 million views on YouTube just a week after it was first unveiled around mid-January. It has since had nearly 13 million views.

Here we look at other Squid Game parallels seen so far in the new zombie thriller.

"All of Us Are Dead" on Netflix.
A still from “All of Us Are Dead” on Netflix.

A Familiar Squid Game Face

The latest show stars Lee You-mi, who played Ji-yeong, player no. 240, the character who was paired with player no. 067 in the Marbles round in the Squid Game series.

The first episode features brief appearances from Lee as a student who dishes on a rumor about a teacher at the school who is planning to kill the students who bullied his son.

Lee You-mi in "All of Us Are
A still featuring Lee You-mi, the “Squid Game” actress starring in “All of Us Are Dead” in Netflix.

Childhood Theme

The trailer for All of Us Are Dead begins with two of the main characters playing a childhood game (rock, scissors, paper), which parallels the opening of the first episode of Squid Game, which saw kids playing the eponymous Korean children’s game.

In the first episode of the latest series, the two students (who appear to live next door to each other in an apartment complex) are seen playing the game outside their homes, with the loser having to carry the other person’s backpack to school.

As the girl who lost the match makes an escape and runs towards the elevator, the boy who won yells “You’re going to die!,” echoing the deadly consequences seen in the childhood games played in Squid Game.

"All of Us Are Dead" on Netflix.
A still from “All of Us Are Dead,” a new K-drama which premiered on January 28 on Netflix.

Green Uniforms

The school uniforms worn by the students in the latest series are all dark green-themed, similar to the color of the iconic tracksuits seen in Squid Game.

The green hue adds to the childhood theme as the Squid Game tracksuits were inspired by the green gym uniform that Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk recalled wearing in elementary school.

"All of Us Are Dead," "Squid Game"
Two of the main characters from “All of Us Are Dead” (pictured left) and “Squid Game” on Netflix.

Masses Running Towards a Finish Line

Scenes of students wearing green outfits running in masses across the school yard in All of Us Are Dead will remind viewers of the first episode of Squid Game, which also saw contestants run in masses across an open field during the Red Light, Green Light game.

The first episode of the new K-drama features a scene where a seas of students in green uniforms run towards a school entrance cut-off line to avoid punishment for being late.

The scene runs similar to the players in Squid Game who were seen desperately running towards a finish line, from which point they would be safe from a deadly elimination.

Survival Element

Similar to how Squid Game contestants were trapped inside a game facility and made to participate in a survival competition to make it out alive, All of Us Are Dead sees students attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse following a mysterious virus outbreak inside a school.

With no food, cell phone service or adults and no rescue in sight, one student says: “We’re the only ones who can save us,” according to the show’s trailer.

The teenagers join forces to fight a growing horde of fellow student zombies.

Squid Game also saw a group of players ban together to fight off other contestants in one episode, which saw the game participants be allowed to effectively kill each other off through the night.

"All of Us Are Dead" on Netflix.
A stil from the “All of Us Are Dead” series on Netflix, which sees students attempt to survive a zombie outbreak.

Raw Gory Violence

The new series features plenty of arresting blood and gore, similar to some of the raw violence captured in the Squid Game series, which saw losers be killed off in various shocking ways.

All of Us Are Dead also opens with a dramatic violent scene of a student being brutally attacked while surrounded by a group of other students.

Towards the end of the first episode, a school nurse-turned-zombie is seen biting off the face of a student, marking just the beginning of the spine-chilling, zombie-thrashing horror to come, as seen in the trailer.

The K-drama "All of Us Are Dead".
A still from “All of Us Are Dead,” the new K-drama zombie thriller on Netflix.

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