Putin Allows Civilians Leave for Russia, Belarus—Not West

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The Russo-Ukrainian War has entered Day 12. Here’s the latest:

  • Moscow will allow residents to leave several besieged Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Mariupol, according to Russian state media
  • But maps released by RIA news agency suggest these humanitarian corridors will only allow Kyiv citizens to Belarus, and from Kharkiv to Russia
  • It comes after early evacuation attempts were halted after shelling, talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, and 1.5 million already having fled
  • Yet Paris says Putin’s corridors aim to push his narrative that Ukrainians “are the aggressors and [Russia, Belarus] … offer asylum to everyone”
  • Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has said ongoing Russian rocket attacks on residential areas will never be forgotten or forgiven
  • People are running out of food in the southern city of Mariupol
  • The U.S. is coordinating plans for Poland to send fighter jets to Ukraine

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