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UPDATE: Spider-Man: No Way Home has reached $876m at the global box office and is on course to cross $1bn on December 25 according to Sony sources, an astonishing feat in a little over a week given the Omicron surge that would make it the global box office champion of 2021 and the only film to reach the billion milestone this year.

The achievement means Spidey will have crossed the threshold in 11 days – the joint second fastest time in history behind Avengers: Endgame (five days), tying with Avengers: Infinity War.

No Way Home grossed $61.5m globally on Thursday (December 23) for an $876m running total that overtook China’s Hi, Mom on $822m to rank as the second biggest release anywhere this year. It is projected to surpass the $902.5m and counting tally of China’s The Battle At Lake Changjin on Friday to rank as year’s global box office champion.

Internationally the web-slinger added $32.2m on Thursday for a $490.2m running total. Latest territory numbers put the UK on $61.4m, Mexico on $46m, France on $31m, South Korea on $29.9m, and Brazil on $28.4m.

In other results Spidey has delivered $28.2m in Australia, $24.9m in India, $23.1m in Russia, $17.2m in Germany, $17.1m in Italy, and $14.2m in Spain. The numbers are all the more remarkable in light of rising infection levels and tightening of restrictions across parts of Europe and elsewhere.

In North America No Way Home added $29.3m on Thursday for $385.8m for the industry’s third highest seven-day gross, the highest seven-day gross in the Spider-Man franchise, and the second biggest seven-day gross for December and for a superhero film.

The Thursday gross is the third highest of all time in December and the highest Thursday gross for Sony Pictures, the franchise, and for a superhero release.

ORIGINAL DECEMBER 23 REPORT: Spider-Man: No Way Home has soared to an exceptional $813.9m at the global box office in eight days to become Hollywood’s biggest release of 2021 and has its sights on overtaking two Chinese titans to rank as the global industry’s top release of the year.

As of Thursday (December 23) the tentpole starring Tom Holland and Zendaya currently ranks third in the overall 2021 pantheon, behind The Battle At Lake Changjin on $902.5m and Hi, Mom on $822m, respectively. However with Thursday grosses yet to be reported and a week to go before the end of the year Spidey stands a good chance of reaching the box office summit.

Spider-Man: No Way Home added $62.8m on Wednesday following a 10% drop and brought in $34.8m from international markets after a 10% drop as that running total climbed to 457.4m.

By markets the UK has delivered $57.1m, Mexico $43.9m, France $28.7m, South Korea $28.6m, Brazil $26.6m, Australia $26.3m, India $23.5m, Russia $22.2m, Italy $16.1m, Germany $15.5m and Spain $13.1m.

In North America a $27.8m from 4,336 locations on Wednesday boosted the tally to $356.5m after six days resulting in the highest Sony Pictures six-day gross of all-time, the industry’s third highest six-day gross of all-time, and the second biggest December and superhero six-day grosses of all-time.

The North American Wednesday gross is the second biggest for a superhero film, for Sony and the Spider-Man franchise behind $40.4m achieved by Spider-Man 2 on its Wednesday opening on June 30, 2004. All numbers are unadjusted for inflation.

MGM/Eon’s No Time To Die, released internationally via Universal, now ranks as Hollywood’s second biggest global release of the year on $774m and counting.

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