Which rugby league team were the original red devils? The Saturday quiz | Life and style


1 Which alter ego was killed off in Hammersmith on 3 July 1973?
2 “No one left and no one came” is a line from which poem?
3 Which retailer began as Penneys in Dublin?
4 Whose sainthood was formally opposed by Christopher Hitchens?
5 The hexagonal Penfold is an old design of what?
6 What did ancient Greeks regard as the centre of the world?
7 Which rugby league team were the original red devils?
8 On social media, what does AMA stand for?
What links:
9 Sun Tzu (War); Schopenhauer (Being Right); Donald Trump (the Deal)?
10 The Plain; Montagnards; Girondins; Jacobins?
11 Canton, OH; Cooperstown, NY; Springfield, MA; Toronto?
12 0.0000158 light years; 149,598,000km; 1au?
13 Outstanding; Exceeds Expectations; Acceptable; Poor; Dreadful; Troll?
14 King of northern Israel (4); oldest person (8); king of Babylon (20)?
15 Bradshaw Peak; Mount Fiennes; Heywood Glacier; Penden Cliffs?

Painting of Sun Tzu, China Military Museum, Beijing
Cracked the Sun Tzu clue? Photograph: charistoone-images/Alamy


1 Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.
2 Adlestrop (Edward Thomas).
3 Primark.
4 Mother Teresa.
5 Postbox.
6 Delphi.
7 Salford (Man Utd FC borrowed the nickname).
8 Ask me anything.

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9 Wrote various The Art of … .
10 Factions in the French Revolution.
11 Halls of fame of North American sports: pro football; baseball; basketball; ice hockey.
12 Distance from Earth to the sun, in various units.
13 Grades in Hogwarts wizarding exams.
14 Wine bottles (x standard size): Jeroboam; Methuselah; Nebuchadnezzar.
15 Places in Antarctica named after women.

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