‘You bitter sad old bore!’ Piers Morgan fires back at John Cleese over dig about new job | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Piers Morgan, 56, has retaliated after Fawlty Towers actor, John Cleese, 82, savaged the presenter’s return to TV screens with Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp and Fox News. The row began yesterday when John said on Twitter: “I see Murdoch is hiring Piers Morgan as a front man.

“He will probably get about £20 million, and everyone will gasp.

“But think how much more he would be getting if he had any discernible talent.”

Unhappy Piers did not hold back after seeing John’s dig and counterattacked with a brutal swipe of his own.

Piers wrote in view of his 7.9 million followers: “Awww, Merry Christmas to you too, Cleesey!

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“I love how much this has annoyed you… you bitter sad old bore.”

Twitter went into overdrive following the exchange, with one user (billboardmeme) saying they would “sit back and eat popcorn” while the drama unfolds.

SomeCockney took a jab at Piers saying: “At least [John] has never ran off TV in tears.”

Charlie added: “But then, [John’s] contributed hugely to the levity of the world, while not leaching of proper ‘celebrities’ creating faux grudges against others to stay relevant.

Piers’ feud with the Monty Python star dates back to 2015, when the journalist claimed John had ignored him in a New York restaurant.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, the former GMB presenter said at the time: “Cleese has sadly morphed in recent years into the worst type of whining pub bore.

“Not quite at Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan levels of hideously sanctimonious tedium, but challenging hard.

“If he’s not trashing his ex-wives, he’s moaning incessantly about tabloid journalists – most of whom long since stopped caring about what he does.”

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